Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome To Los Angeles

Yes, this is a real picture.

When trying to find parking the other day during a torrential downpour, I pulled into what I thought was a parking spot.  In  front of me was this string of signs.  I don't quite speak Los  Angeles yet, so in my primitive translation I think it means: Park on the right of this sign (lovely arrow to indicate) only from 8am-6pm except or one hour on Thursday mornings.  After that you'll get a ticket.  If you park on the left of the sign (again, arrow to indicate)  you have to have some sort of permit or it looks like permits (plural) to be exact. 

But in actuality, you will get a ticket regardless of what you do because California needs the money.  Maybe if they stopped making up ridiculous signs and paying employees to put them up they could  figure out how to fix the budget.

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