Sunday, September 11, 2011

If Even Cameron Diaz Can't Pull Them Off...

(picture from the movie Bad Teacher)

     There seems to be something terrible plaguing this country. (besides all the obvious economy in the toilet conversation that goes without saying at this point)

     I'm referring to the trend of wearing the shortest shorts you can squeeze into regardless of your age or size.

     Everyday this phenomenon continues to amaze and confuse me.  When I drop my daughter off at school I see girls wearing these tiny little denim shorts that are smaller and more uncomfortable than an undergarment. What's worse is that they are pairing these shorts with incredibly tight shirts and they are only 10 years old. This is disconcerting on so many levels.  Is there an avid need for attention that has us thinking we need to wear items like this- the shorter, the tighter, the better?- starting at age 10? And what's worse is, where is the lesson in self-esteem?  There seems to be a disconnect somewhere. Why aren't we teaching our daughters to hold themselves in a higher regard?  Why aren't we relaying the message that if we don't value our bodies enough to understand that the real power is in mystery that nobody else will value it either?

     It's not just the 10 year olds by the way.  At the grocery store I saw a gaggle of girls probably college age all wearing shorts that just looked incredibly uncomfortable.  And not one of them seemed to care that they didn't have the bodies for these items.  On one hand, I felt weirdly intrigued that cellulite didn't seem to bother them that it was visible, on the other, I felt so sad.

     I won't even get into the women of a certain age wearing these shorts.  All I can say is that if they haven't figured it out by now, that's not even a subject I'm going to touch. BUT, I will say this: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN WEAR IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD.  I wish they would put that warning label on certain items of clothing, it would hopefully give women the pause they may need before buying an item that is just ridiculous.

     Let's help teach our children the art of appropriate dressing.  It's not just about aesthetics, it's about viewing our bodies as gifts, treasures to behold and uncovered.  After all, looking exactly like everybody else is as boring as shooting fish in a barrel.



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