Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bye Bye Trendy, Hello Stylish.

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So I bought this blazer today. And I'm not afraid to say that I love the little shoulder pads, and slightly puffed sleeve. And even though it's slightly trendy and goes against what I believe in, when I put it on I didn't care.

You see, I have realized that I am no longer at the age where I can afford to run out and buy the trendiest item to wear for a night out. In this case I don't mean afford moneywise, I mean I can't afford it because I am simply too old and risk looking like the woman who is borrowing things out of her daughter's closet.

What I like to practice (and tell my clients) is that when you reach a certain age, go for style and not trend. A great piece will hold up over the years and as you age your wardrobe becomes an investment, like sunblock or fabulous skin care.

What I mean is, as you enter your thirties, try to avoid looking back and going, "what was I thinking??" when you remember certain outfits. Like I am sure Kim Kardashian will do when she looks back on this picture:

Yikes! Even though it's designer, it's really not that flattering on her and adds trashiness not classiness to her look. And thankfully, that's something I have finally outgrown.

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