Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What People Wear In Vegas, Should Stay In Vegas

Something terrible is happening in Las Vegas.

Yes, Vegas has the greatest shopping choices on earth if you want to pay full markup and shop for high end designer items, however, when it comes to wearing those items on a night out, it just doesn't seem to be happening.

This picture is  what I saw when I went out in the new (and amazing) Cosmopolitan Hotel in City Center.   Everywhere you turned, there was another nameless, faceless girl in a too tight, too short, sparkling dress. You cannot even imagine the staggering number of women with their ass cheeks hanging out, their breasts all but exposed, and barely an accessory except for a stripper shoe was to be found.  Hair seemed to be an afterthought and I didn't see one girl in a pair of pants or jeans.  NOT ONE. Really?

I find it hard to believe that every single woman on the planet, (well at least the thousands that I saw) are happy walking around like this. There was more cellulite and wardrobe malfunctions on the casino floor than slot machines.

Could it be that women feel the need to dress like this in Vegas in order to get noticed?  It seems to me, that someone with style is more likely to get noticed and (let's just call a spade a spade here) garner respect for actually bringing a little bit of mystery to the table.

Isn't bringing one of these women back to your hotel room like shooting fish in a barrel?  I know it sounds harsh, but ladies come on, you've left me no choice.  Be yourself, not some cookie cutter version of the girl in front you, and for god sakes, if you're smart and beautiful, then leave those ridiculous dresses for the girls who need them in order to get noticed.

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